Edward Singleton in my backyard.

Edward Singleton

Jr. Website Developer


Hello! Thanks for visiting. Quickly about myself, I'm a junior web developer familiar with HTML5, CSS3 and basic Javascript. I've worked as a freelancer, intern and web consultant in the past. Check out my work.

Website Showcase

Real Estate

Designed with functionality in mind, this site packs a punch. Equipped with self-updating home listings, a mortgage calculator and property filters, users are able to make purchase decisons on the spot.

Flower Shop

Elegant, minimal and clean, Los Angeles Flower Club is light-weight, fast and responsive. Customers can easily navigate to the store and make purchases within 3 clicks.

Creative Agency

Flashy but not tacky, loud but not obnoxious and bold but beautiful. This is what we had in mind when creating this site. Check it out.