1. Discover

I listen to your goals and setup a stratedgy. Whether we're working on a landing page or a multisite network with e-commerce and custom software, the first step is making sure we have clearly defined goals.

2. Draft

Next we draft. I create a template, design a logo (optional), take pictures (highly recommended) and implement written content to make your site come alive! I then present the draft and listen to your feedback. We make the necessary changes and prepare for launch.

3. Deploy

Finally we deploy. I ensure that links are working properly, that assets are optimized and that the site is running as quickly and efficently as humanly possible. At this stage, you'll be confident to showcase your site to potential clients or customers. It's go time.

The Fundamentals:

When starting a new project I always begin with the end in mind. A typical workflow includes a discover, draft and deploy phase. Each phase requires a unique set of skills that range from research development to code debugging.

The Discover phase is where all the research is done. Suppose we are working with a small company with a bootstrap budget. First we would listen to the needs of the client, then ask all the appropriate questions and finally develop a viable and elegant solution. The discovery phase is also where we ask clients to turn in every piece of information possible about the company or site. We digest the information, check out competitors and ensure we have all our assets in place before drafting.

The Drafting phase is where we create a game plan. We create a sitemap of the pages and apply a common sense hierarchy to the navigational menu. We explore what functionality assets are required by way of software and test various plug-ins or snippets to find the best ones. Accessibility is also a factor in the design process and so fonts, color choice, HTML element hierarchy and consistency in word choice (making sure the alt tags match the image name) are taken into consideration. It is precisely this thoughtful and deliberate attention to details that make a difference in website ranking. We finally create a prototype. We wireframe for mobile first then desktop sites and once our template is complete, we start on the build. By now, having gathered all the assets and information the build is a relatively straightforward process. We apply content, assets and information and prepare for the final phase, deployment.

Once we've tirelessly combed the site for errors during the draft phase, we move to the deploy phase. By this time the majority of the work has been and we invite the client to test the site to find any mistakes which would need correcting. It is not until the client is thoroughly satisfied that we FTP the site to it's final domain.

Attention to detail .

Attention to detail .